Customized Creations for basic hydraulic classes, web design, magnetic dry erase boards, name tags, buttons and refrigerator magnetsby Fish


Types of Products


We have four classifications of our buttons and magnets:

"Customized" items have a different name or piece of information on each one.

"Stock" items are identical to each other - there's no change from one to the next.

"Photo" items have a picture or your custom artwork. You can have both "Customized Photo" and "Stock Photo" items. We charge a small fee for each image we have to scan, but once the image is scanned, the pricing of Photo products is the same as thr pricing of our regular "Stock" and "Customized" products.

"Special" items are made to your design. In most cases, the set-up charge is nominal to non-existant (Chris, that meas we don't charge much to do the artwork). If it's a design that we think will have pretty wide appeal and we can add it to our product line, there will be no design charge (the "God is Great" button is one of those. My young friend Tim asked for a button with that phrase, and it's now one of our "Stock" buttons. If you have an idea, let's talk about it.

When we do a "Special" item or a large quantity of "Customized" products, we can mail you a printed copy of the artwork vial snailmail, send you a copy of a file via Email, or put a GIF image here on our web site so you can approve it before we begin production. For "Standard," "Stock," and real small quantities of "Customized" items, we'll send the final product to you for approval.


Buttons have a 2.25" face, with a total imprintable area of 2.33" (part of the imprintable area wraps around the side of the button)

Circular Decorative Magnets come in three sizes - 2" diameter, 2.75" diameter and 3.625" diameter. The magnets are water resistant, but not water proof.

Square and Rectangular magnets can be made up to 10" wide and 42" long.

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