I'm Losing the Battle

Some time has passed. It is getting chilly out. Evidently the squirrels have decided they need a new pastime to keep themselves moving and warm during these cold Ohio nights. Actually, it appears they have TWO new habits.

The first involves running up and down the soffit attached to the outside of my bedroom wall. In and of itself, this wouldn't be such a bad thing, except they insist on doing this running at 1:30 in the morning. And then again at 2:00 in the morning. And at 2:30. And at 3:00. And 3:30...well - you get the picture. And I get to stay awake all night, listening to them. If I yell or bang on the wall, the squirrels quiet down for a while. At least, I think they quiet down for a while - it's hard to tell for sure over all the complaining my daughter and my neighbors do after I yell and bang on my walls in the middle of the night.

The second pastime the squirrels have taken up involves unhooking whatever mechanism I devise to hold the squirrel trap in place and then pushing the squirrel trap off it's little shelf. The other day, I put three big wood screws into the little shelf, placed the trap over the screws, and then used a bungie cord to hold the trap down on the screws.

The next morning, I found the bungie cord and most of the empty trap quietly resting on my drive way. Part of the trap (a wire that holds the door closed after the trap has been tripped) was missing. The varmint control folks who own the traps tell me I must have a very persistent group of squirrels. Me? I'm guessing the squirrels had out of town visitors that night and sent the wire home with the visitors as a souvenir. With my luck, these visiting squirrels are going to tell all their squirrel friends about the great vacation spot they've found, and my attic will become some sort of a squirrel's vacation hot spot.

If I didn't know better, I'd think the squirrels were visiting my web site (http://www.cCreations.com) and mistaking the problems I'm having as an open invitation to come and visit. Too bad I can't get these squirrels to buy buttons and magnets. Heck - it's too bad I can't get *YOU* to buy buttons and magnets and magnetic-backed dry erase boards.

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Okay...I know. This squirrel story still doesn't have a THING to do with our Customized Creations business. But it's my web page and I can put just about anything I want on it (as long as my wife doesn't object). One thing I want to put on this page is a link back to our business' home page, www.cCreations.com - please check it out when you're done reading this. Hope you enjoyed my squirrel story!

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