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Magnetic Dry Erase Board
In Action!



When I was just a wee little tyke, we used to go down to the volunteer fire department on Saturday afternoons, pay our nickle or dime for admission, buy some popcorn and candy, and watch a movie. I don't remember what any of the movies were, but I do remember it was a lot of fun. And while I don't remember any of the movies, I'm sure the hero always got the girl, and everyone always lived happily ever after.

I don't want to give away the plot of the QuickTime movie on this page, but I will tell you it is an action flick. Yeppers - if your system can display a QuickTime movie, you're about to see a real live magnetic dry erase board in action. Unfortunately, unless you're using a cable modem or an ISDN line or some other fancy connection to the internet, the QuickTime movie will take a few minutes to download. Which makes me feel sort of like the Master of Ceremonies at a Miss America pagent who's just been told he has 90 seconds of air time to fill (except I'm not surrounded by pretty women).

Of course, some people (including my mom, who loves just about everything I do) would consider watching this QuickTime movie to be pretty much a waste of time. You should be aware that reasonable people might disagree on which is more exciting - watching this QuickTime movie or watching paint dry. So, if you're one of those folks who feels they could have better spent their time adding to a lint collection instead of waiting for this movie to download, I apologize for wasting your time.

You know, it is possible that if enough people watch this movie just before going to bed at night, sales of sleeping pills may plummet, causing severe hardship and plant closings for the sleeping pill companies. Wait - what was that adage? "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?" If all the sleeping pill companies give each of their customers a magnetic dry erase board, sales of sleeping pills would increase, right? Mr. John Q. Public would walk to his refrigerator for a bed-time snack, see the magnetic dry erase board with the sleeping pill company's message on it, and be reminded to take his sleeping pill before climbing in bed. What a GREAT marketing idea. Now, where could the sleeping pill companies go to find magnetic dry erase boards?

Welp, if we're real lucky, the QuickTime movie will be done loading by now. If it isn't, you might consider taking a few minutes to go get a cup of coffee, finish up that paperwork you've been putting off, and call your long-lost cousin to catch up on all the family news. When you get back, this QuickTime movie should be done loading.


Magnetic Dry Erase Board In Action!!!


Actually, it was a good thing I decided to make this movie. Forced me to clean all the other magnets and dry erase boards off our refrigerator. Maybe I should make a movie of the inside of my refrigerator so I'll have to clean out the left over turkey and dressing from Thanksgiving. Nawwww...I don't think so. There's a family get-together coming up, and I think we're going to a pot-luck picnic. We can bring the left over turkey and dressing to the pot luck!

Welp, once again, I apologize for taking up your time with this little movie. Of course, if I win any web site awards because of it, I'll have to re-write this entire page. But I don't think that's likely, do you?



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