Put your favorite photo or one of our stock images in the background of a large
customized magnetic-backed dry-erase refrigerator calendar
(just over 15" w x 10" high)






  • Standard calendars are available in two sizes, 15" wide x 10.25" high and 17" wide x 10.25" high.
  • Available as monthly dry erase calendars, weekly calendars, weekly calendars with a row for each member of your household, customized grids, and blank dry erase boards.
  • Full sized magnetic back holds your calendar in place- no matter how hard the door is slammed. The calendars are like huge refrigerator magnets you can write on.
  • Includes a dry erase marker, and a clip to hold the marker.
  • Calendar graphics are in the background, so you can always write on the full width of the board.
  • You specify the title for your calendar (or elect to use no title at all).
  • Put a photo in the background - either yours or one of ours.
  • Quantity discounts are available on orders of 10 or more calendars - these make great gifts and fund raisers.
  • "European" style calendars (Monday through Sunday) are available.
  • We "fade out" your photos (almost like a watermark) so you can read the writing on your calendar.

All our magnetic backed dry erase calendars have a full-sized magnetic backing. They are like huge, flexible refrigerator magnets you can write on. When ordering, be sure to specify the caption you'd like printed on your calendar.

The Basic Magnetic Backed Dry Erase Calendar has no graphics and is a VERY popular item. It is often ordered without a caption, though many people include a name in the caption ("Karen's Calendar," "The Fish Family Calendar," or "The Smith's Crazy Schedule"). Like all our magnetic backed dry erase calendars it is available as a monthly calendar, a weekly calendar, or as a plain board with no calendar grid.

Monthly Magnetic-Backed Dry Erase Calendar

Weekly Magnetic-Backed Dry Erase Calendar

Magnetic Backed Dry Erase Customized Photo Calendars

      Photo Calendars are available with our stock photos or we can put your photo on the calendar.

Stock Photo Calendars - The photo in the background of this calendar was taken at Navy Pier in Chicago, and is cleverly called "Flag01." Please Click Here to see an assortment of our stock photo calendars. If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know and we'll see if we can find an image for you.

We can put your photo on a calendar, or you can have a calendar with one of our photo backgrounds. Please Click Here for more info on putting your photo on a customized magnetic backed dry erase calendar.

Decorative Magnetic Backed Dry Erase Calendars


  Please click here for more info on our Decorative Calendar calendar styles, including:

Coffee Klatch | Udderly Mooving | Tea for Two
Sows Things Going? | Daisy Days | Red Hat | WWJD | Sports Related

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