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If you're reading this page, there's a good chance you might want some stuff and are thinking about ordering them from us. Since my wife is dead-set on making buttons and I'm not real thrilled with the idea of having bunches of buttons cluttering up the house, I can't begin to tell you how happy that makes me.

Ordering from us is pretty simple, really. Let's see if I can give you a step-by-step description of the process (my kids tell me I tend to go on and on and on about stuff like this, so bear with me if I put in too much detail and make it seem more complicated than it really is):

1) Print a copy or two of our Order Form. Note: The order form won't look right on your screen, but it should print out just fine. If you're ordering more than a couple "Customized" items, also print a copy or two of the Names Worksheet and complete it.

2) Fill out the "Order Form" and (if you need it) the "Names Worksheet." The "Names for Worksheet" has a couple of sample entries on it. You will not get those samples with your order.

Note: Most of our "Customized" items have only one or two names on them (we put the first name on one line and the last name on another). The "Names Worksheet" has room for a third line if you need it. Most of the things we make do not need it.

If you order a rectangular 2" x 3.5" magnet, call it a "rect. mag."- we'll know what you mean.

3) If you want to type your names and send us a disk or an Email file, we can use both Macintosh and IBM formated "text only" files. When entering the names, please put one (and only one) tab between the fields in each record, and a carriage return at the end of the record. A typical entry might look like this:
Pastor<tab>Tim<tab>Swett<tab>River is Here 2" magnet<tab>
Maria<tab>Johnson<tab>Prayer Team button<tab><tab>1<carriage return>
If all the names are for the same style item, you can eliminate the "Description" field. If the quantity column is going to be filled with nothing but 1, you can eliminate the "Qty" field - just be sure to put a note at the top of the file saying which item you want and that everyone wants 1.

4) On the "Order Form," the column labeled "Type" should show the one letter code for the type of item ("B" for Button or "M" for magnet) along with the one letter code for the style of item ("C" for Customized or "S" for Stock). If there's a Photo involved, add a "P" to the letters in the "Type" column.

5) There's a place on the order form for you to add a scanning fee if you're sending a photograph or completed artwork for us to scan. Fill in the number of different images you're sending us and then do the multiplication. If you're using the same image on two different items, there will be only one scanning fee.

6) If we're shipping these into Ohio, you need to either pay the sales tax or send along a copy of your "Blanket Certificate of Exemption."

7) Add up the totals, make your check payable to Customized Creations, and send everything to us. Please be sure you provide a contact name and phone number, the order form, and a legible list of the names for your items.

8) If you're designing your own artwork, you probably should know the imprint area for the buttons is 2.333" in diameter.

Delivery: We normally ship within 2 to 4 weeks of receiving an order. However, if you need an item sooner, please let us know. We once received a 2,000 button order on a Friday afternoon and the customer had the complete order by noon the following Monday.


That's all there is to ordering. Pretty painless, eh? If you have any questions, you can call me at 614-214-7261 or send me Email at

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