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  Welcome to Customized Creations by Fish - magnetic dry erase boards, magnetic name tags, buttons, web site design, desktop marketing, basic hydraulics class, and (if you can believe it) more!

(this is a picture of a magnetic dry erase board)


To make it as easy as possible to find your way around our web site, we've put several different menus together, including this page, which summarizes all our menu pages. I guess some folks would call this page a "site map."

When you click on the Menu Page links in the left hand column, you'll go to a menu page which has a thumbnail picture and a brief description of the products shown in the right hand column.

Clicking on the items in the right hand column will bypass the menu page and take you directly to the item you click on, which means you miss seeing the descriptions and thumbnail pictures on the menu page.



First Menu Page

Button & Magnet Samples



Second Menu Page
Button & Magnet Samples



Third Menu Page

Button & Magnet Samples

  • Business
  • Patriotic
  • Romantic
  • Special Events
  • Sports
  • Teams
  • Recycling
  • Music
  • Humourous
  • Neat Stuff


    Fourth Menu Page

    "About Us"



    Fifth Menu Page

    "Other Stuff"


    Need a break from looking at buttons and magnets? Here's a page with some other stuff. What kind of stuff?

    I think that's everything on our site - come back soon!



    Follow this link to see samples of all of our magnetic dry erase board sizes shown on one page.

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