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Calendar Give-Away Contest

Why the Contest? We're a small, family-run business with a very limited advertising budget. We're using this contest to spread the word about our fridge calendars If you'd like to win a free customized dry-erase fridge calendar or just like the idea of promoting small, family-run businesses, we'd love to have you enter our contest.

The Prize is a large, customized, magnetic-backed, dry erase calendar ( $19.95 value ). To give everyone a decent chance of winning a calendar, we'll give away a calendar each time 100 different people enter the contest. Odds of winning will be determined by the number of valid entries we receive.

How the Contest Works:

- Post some variation of this phrase on your favorite social media site:

Customized Creations makes customized dry-erase fridge calendars at  These make great gifts!

(Eligible social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linked In, Digg, Stumbeupon, Reddit, Ning, most online forums & discussion groups, and your own personal blog)

- Copy the web page address of wherever you made the post to your computer's clipboard.

- Come back to this page, let us know who you are, tell us where you made the post, paste that web page address in to the entry form, and click the "submit" button.

- Every time we get 100 entries, we'll pick one entry at random and give away a free customized, magnetic-backed, dry-erase fridge calendar.

- Please do not spam any sites or violate the rules of any sites. You may submit one entry per day for each site you post on. If you spam sites or violate a site's rules, you will be disqualified from the contest.

- We'd really appreciate it if you'd post an additional personal comment when you tell your friends and family about the free shipping offer. Things like "I ordered one and love it," "I put our dog's picture on ours," and "I ordered one for my mom that has a photo of all of us and the caption 'When God made our family, He was showing off'" would be really great.

Enter the Contest   (just 8 simple steps)

1) First Name: Last Name:

2) Email address

3) Email address again

4) Where did you make your post?

5) What is the web address (URL) of the post location?

6) How many name badges are shown below?:

(for those unable to see the image, it is the number of "Calling Birds" in the Christmas carol "The 12 Day of Christmas.")

7) Any comments you'd like to send our way?

Please Note: If you are a winner, we will send you an email from our email address. Please be sure your Email program will accept mail from

If you click the button to send your info, you'll be entered in the contest and have a chance to win one of the large customized magnetic-backed, dry-erase calendars we're giving away. We'll give away at least one calendar by the end of the year, plus add a calendar to the prize pool for each 100 people who enter the contest (a "person" is identified by a unique email address).

Thanks, and Good Luck!


Today is Dec 2, 2023

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