Marker clips (pen clips?) and dry erase markers for sale!

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Marker shown is about the size of a pen. Click Here to see moreOne of the companies I buy from used to sell a small, inexpensive plastic clip that did a GREAT job of attaching their dry erase markers to my magnetic-backed dry erase boards.

You slide the dry erase board between two "legs" of the clip, friction holds the clip in place, and you can just snap the marker into place. It makes really nice clip and marker assembly.

But then someone at the company decided they weren't going to sell marker clips any more. It was probably a good business decision for them, but since I include a marker clip with every dry erase board I sell, it kind of left me high and dry.

So I started calling around in search of a clip that would attach the marker to my dry erase boards. Let me tell you, inexpensive marker clips are awfully doggone hard to find.

After several days of searching, the only people I found with reasonably priced clips told me they had a minimum order for their clips that worked out to be about enough clips to last me for just over 41 years. I don't mind buying some extra stuff here and there, but a 41 year supply seemed like a bit too much.

So I spent a few more weeks calling around, sending out tons of E-mails, and trying to find a good quality, inexpensive, easy-to-use, clip for my markers that I could buy in small quantities.

As you've no doubt guessed, I couldn't find an inexpensive marker clip, and I ended up ordering that 41 year supply of marker clips.

When I ordered the marker clips, my wife wasn't real happy. Don't get me wrong - these are nice plastic clips. Very nice plastic clips. They do a great job of holding the dry erase markers, pens and pencils. You just grab the clip, slide your dry erase board into the clip, and you're all ready to snap a marker or pen in place. Heck, they're even made here in the United States.

While my wife thought these were very nice looking marker clips, she didn't like the way they looked when I scattered boxes and boxes of them all over her living room and her dining room. A 41 year supply of marker clips sure takes up a lot of room.

Which brings me to why I originally created this particular web page. If you're looking for small quantities of plastic clips to hold thin markers, pencils or pens, I know where some can be found. And you don't even have to buy a 41 year supply!

I'll be very happy to sell you 50,000 clips.

Or 10,000 clips.

Or 4,000.

Or 1,724.

Heck - I'd be very happy to sell you 10, or 15, or 150, or whatever quantity you want - even just one.

As you saw at the top of the page, the way these work is you slide the marker clip on to the dry erase board, and then snap the marker into the clip holder. Here's a marker clip in use on one of my "United We Stand" magnetic-backed dry erase boards (the dry erase marker is about the size of a #2 pencil or a "stick" style ball-point pen):

(the image is kind of appropriate, since the markers, clips, dry erase coating, and magnetic sheeting for this board are all made in the U.S.A.)

Some of my customers use the clips on thicker dry erase boards (often painted tiles) by attaching a strip of thick double-sided tape to the back of the clip and then gluing the clip to the front of their dry erase board. I have a few customers who use a deep throated stapler to staple the clips in place.

Actually, it turns out that a fair number of people and companies are looking for small quantities of not only marker clips, but dry erase markers too. So I've put together a price list for the marker clips and the dry erase markers I use. If you're looking for marker clips or a good quality, inexpensive dry erase marker, please contact me.

Please Note: You can find this same information at - I thought the domain name would be easier to remember.


Approximate Dimensions:

Every now and then I get a phone call or Email asking "do you still have any of those marker clips for sale?" Yep, I do. And I suspect I'll continue to have them for at least the next.... ummmm.... 41 years.

  Please visit my web site for pricing and ordering info.

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