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Sample Dry Erase Message Boards

This page shows photos of some 3.5" x 8" magnetic dry erase boards.

Follow this link to see samples of 8" x 10" magnetic dry erase board.

Follow this link to see samples of Whitehall Yearling High School dry erase boards - all of our sizes shown on one page.

Prices: Please follow this link to our Price List.

Gifts for your customers

If you're an outside salesperson, would you be willing to invest $3.95 to insure your customer would remember your call and have a favorable impression of you a week after the call?

The speech balloon says "No matter how we look at it, we come up with the same thing - if we want to get this done, we have to get Tom Anderson involved."

If you gave this to Tom Anderson, do you think he'd find a way to put it up and use it? We could also add a line that said "Compliments of <your company>"

Give your players a memento that will stick around.

Sport Team Memento

  It's the end of the season, and you're looking for a memento. How about a magnetic dry erase board?

This is our football one. We normally add the season and either the team name (in text) or the school logo in the lower right-hand corner. We "fade out" the logo so you can write over it.

Football dry erase message board with school logo.

Sport Team Memento with Logo

 That's the Worthington Kilbourne logo, and while you can't easily see it in this picture, the school year is in the lower right hand corner of the "K"

Dry erase boards for all sports. This one is soccer.

Other Sports

 Here's a soccer one with the school and year in text. We have artwork for most high school sports.


QuickTime Movie

If you're REALLY bored and have nothing to do, here's a link to a 700k QuickTime movie.

Give your customers a thank-you note that will stick around!

A Thank-You Note That Sticks Around

  Here's another business oriented one - a thank-you message the includes the customer's name, your company name, and the customer's company name. You can use your own message or ours.

Ours says "Sometimes in the rush of everyday business, we don't take the time to let our customers know how much we appreciate them.

"All of us at <insert your company name> want you to know we value your business, that we appreciate your decision to work with us, and that we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with <insert name of customer>."

 Put your favorite photo on a magnetic dry erase message board!


 And yes, we can put a photograph on the smaller message boards. Here's what it might look like.

More Ideas For Message Boards

Click Here for More Samples of Magnetic Dry Erase Message Boards and Ideas on How to Use Them

  •  After selling a home, some realtors give the home buyer a framed picture of the new house as a "thank you" gift. A magnetic message board with a picture of the house would be a great alternative to the framed photograph.
  • Car dealerships could have a board made for each salesperson. A photo of the sales person along with the person's name would make it easy for customers to remember who they talked with while out "kicking tires."
  • Trade Shows - this is a unique item, sure to catch your prospect's attention. In quantity, the price can be as low as $3.50 each.
  • Message boards for college dorm doors. We did a dorm door board which had a drawing of the school mascot and five lines of text. Each line of text was smaller than the previous one, with the last line being very small print. It said: "Leave a message for <insert student's name>. When you're done leaving the message, please leave the pen, too. You could leave some food too, if you want. And something to drink - you can leave something to drink. And money...oh, never mind - that's asking a bit much, isn't it?

 Customized Monthly and Weekly Refrigerator Planners

Having trouble keeping track of who has to be where, and when? These customized magnetic dry erase planners may be just the answer. The full sized magnetic back keeps the planner from sliding around and scratching your refrigerator, and at 10." tall x 15" wide, there's plenty of room for even the busiest schedule.

We offer both a monthly and a weekly calendar, and will customize the calendar title for you. We can even scan a family photograph and place it in the background in one corner.

Click here to see a slightly larger view (the planners are too big to show you a full sized view) of the Customized Refrigerator Planners, or click here to go to Our Order Form.

Prices: Please follow this link to our Price List. This page shows the 3.5" x 8" dry erase boards.

Follow this link to a QuickTime movie of a real magnetic dry erase board in action!

Follow this link to see samples of Whitehall Yearling High School dry erase boards - all of our sizes shown on one page.

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