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Customized Creations
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Reaching Your Goals Just Got a LOT Easier!

Reaching Your Goals Just Got a LOT Easier!

Reaching Your Goals Just Got a LOT Easier!

Whether you want to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, or put more money in your bank account...

An important step in reaching any goal is to identify the small steps and new habits needed to reach that goal.

Then, "all" you have to do is keep taking those small steps and building those new habits (I put "all" in quotes because if reaching goals was easy to do, every one of us would be thin, healthy, and rich).

Whatever your goal may be, a magnetic-backed, dry-erase Streak Building board can help you keep taking the small steps and building the new habits needed to reach your goal. Please watch this video to see how:

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Some things you might like to know:

Streak Building Boards are available in 3 sizes:
   • 17" x 10.25"   ($19.95 each)
   • 15" x 10.25"   ($17.95 each)
   • 11.5" x 9.5"    ($14.95 each)

You have 3 background image options:
   • No Background Image
   • Your Photo as Background Image
   • One of Our Stock Background Images

- A fine point black dry erase marker and plastic marker clip is included with each streak building board at no additional charge.

- The full sized magnetic back holds the board in place (no matter how hard that teenager slams the fridge door). The streak building boards are like a huge refrigerator magnet you can write on.

- All our dry erase products are made with materials manufactured in the USA, including the magnetic backing, dry erase finish, dry erase marker, plastic marker-holding clip, and box we use for shipping.

- We support our troops. Active military personnel and military veterans receive a 10% discount on our dry erase products.

- Discounted pricing and customized artwork are available for churches, schools, youth groups and others who would like to use our products as a fund raiser.

- As of Oct 1, 2019, these are our most popular stock background images:
Beach02-Background AmericanFlag_01 Background Clouds_02 background DaisyDays_01 Background

You can see all our stock background images at

PLACE ORDER   Stock Background Images

Dry Erase Markers

Many companies who sell dry erase markers have a large minimum order. I've got a minimum order too - it is one set. If you're looking for dry erase markers, my mortgage company would be ecstatic if you ordered them from me. Please Click Here for details.