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Photo Calendars

This page shows the first group of " stock" photos available for use on your photo calendar. Just pick the image you'd like and scroll down to the "How to Order" section. Be sure to let us know what caption (if any) you'd like on your calendar.

If you'd like to have YOUR photo put on a calendar, please scroll down to the "Order a Magnetic-Backed Dry-Erase Planning Calendar" section. In step 2 of the ordering process, select "Use My Photograph" and then Email your photo to the address shown there.

Stock Photo Group #1

Calendar Artwork ID: Beach01

Calendar Artwork ID:Beach02

Calendar Artwork ID: Carolers01

Calendar Artwork ID: ChicagoSkyline01

Calendar Artwork ID: Clouds01

Calendar Artwork ID: Clouds02

Calendar Artwork ID: Coit01

Calendar Artwork ID: Pete Pelican 01
(this "Pete Pelican01" sample is a "Weekly Calendar with Name Rows" style of calendar. Have 5 people in your family? Then have us put 5 rows on your calendar - one for each person.

Calendar Artwork ID: Kitten Around

Calendar Artwork ID: WYHS Commemorative

This is a special calendar to commemorate Whitehall Yearling High School, which is being torn down in March of 2012 to make room for a new high school in Whitehall, Ohio.

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To pay with a check or money order, please print and complete our order form and then mail it to us with your payment.

About the "Stock" Photo Calendars

Every now and then, I look at a photograph I've taken and think, "THAT would make a nice background for a dry erase calendar. So I've put some of the photos online, just in case you're someone who agree.

You can order any of these images on a monthly calendar, a weekly calendar, on a plain planning board, or on a weekly calendar with name rows.

The captions shown on these calendars are for illustration only. We'll customize the calendar with your caption (unless you don't want a caption on it).

Please note that I own the copyright on all of these images and they may not be used for any purpose without my express written consent.

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