I keep thinking about removing this section from the web site, but every month 30 or 40 people stop by and look at the pictures from my sister's wedding. So I'll leave them up for a while longer. If you're going to be involved with a wedding, take a look at our magnetic dry erase boards - we can put a photo of the bride and/or groom on a magnetic dry erase board for their refrigerator (or for their parents). Enjoy the wedding photos!

The following links are photos from my sister's wedding. I know - the pictures have nothing to do with the customized buttons and magnets which are the focus of my web site, but it's my web site and I can put anything I want on it, right? Right. So follow the links and enjoy some of my favorite pictures from the wedding.

Just before Carol's wedding, there was a bridal shop in Virginia that burned down. I didn't expect anything like that to happen to the folks who were developing my pictures, but just to be safe, I had the photos developed a couple of rolls at a time. These are from the first batch developed:

Getting Ready
The Ceremony
The Reception
Reception II
Reception III

From the second batch developed, here are my favorite pictures:

Getting Ready II
The Ceremony II
Reception IV
Reception V
Reception VI

And, from the third batch:

Reception VII
Reception VIII
Reception IX
Reception X
Reception XI


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