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Trade Show Program


Trade Shows

Going to exhibit at a trade show? With our "Trade Show Button Program," we can help you:

  • Increase sales;
  • Build a list of good leads;
  • Generate interest in your exhibit;
  • Increase your visibility at the show;
  • Improve your name recognition;
  • Keep your name in front of your prospects after the show.
  • Whew - sounds like an awful lot to ask from a bunch of buttons, doesn't it? Let's see if they can deliver. For the sake of discussion, let's say you're with Mr. Mulch, a company that sells a wide range of yard and garden products, including mulch.

    As part of your trade show program, you run a contest which awards a prize every hour or two, and a second prize two or three times a day. Mr. Mulch wants to attract prospects who use yard and garden products, so you decide to give away five bags of premium mulch as the nice hourly prize. The prize given two or three times a day is twenty bags of premium mulch.

    Since your prize is designed to attract your ideal prospect, the majority of people entering the contest will be legitimate prospects. Every person who enters the contest adds to your list of good leads. Your bunch of buttons begins to build a list of good leads just as soon as people begin entering your contest.

    To enter the contest, prospects complete an entry form and pick up an eye-catching "Mr. Mulch" button. Please note that because this is a web page, the button shown here is a low resolution image. Printing on the actual "Mr. Mulch" button is sharp and clear, just as the printing on any buttons we make for you will be crisp, clear and easy to read.

    sample buttonEach button has a unique serial number. On the Mr. Mulch button, it's called a "drawing entry number." Prospects write their "drawing entry number" on the contest entry form, and then wear the button as they visit other booths at the trade show.

    Every hour or two, you draw a winning entry and have the trade show courtesy desk announce the winning "drawing entry number." Something like "Mr. Mulch is pleased to announce that button #98-864 has won five free bags of premium mulch in this hour's giveaway. If you have button #98-864, please bring it to the Mr. Mulch booth. The next drawing will be held in one hour. If you don't have a Mr. Mulch button, you may pick one up at the Mr. Mulch booth.

    As the winning number is announced, everyone wearing a button looks at it. Those who would like to win the prize, but don't have buttons, look around to see where they can get one. They may even ask a button-wearing stranger for directions to your booth. In any case, announcing the serial number forces everyone to look at their button each and every time a prize winner is announced.

    "But wait," you say. "What if people put their button in a pocket or purse after entring the contest?"

    Remember that other prize? The twenty bags of premium mulch? That prize goes to some button-wearing person picked at random out on the trade show floor. Two or three times a day, someone from your sales team goes out on the trade show floor and picks a lucky winner. If you're not wearing your button, you can't get picked to win that nicer prize. Pretty much insures that people who want to win your nicer prize will wear their buttons while they're at the trade show, doesn't it?

    So now people all over the show are wearing your button. Every hour or so, your company name is being announced and people are stopping to check the winning number against the number on their button (and also looking at your company name and logo). That generates interest in your booth, increases your visibility at the show, and improves your name recognition. But how does the button keep your name in front of the prospect AFTER the show?

    Well, the "Mr. Mulch" button shown above is also a coupon. The button says it may be redeemed at Mr. Mulch for a 5% discount. People interested in the yard and garden products at Mr. Mulch will hang on to their buttons to take advantage of the discount.

    If your product or service doesn't lend itself to using coupons, how about continuing the contest after the show? Prospects keep their buttons and check your website each week for the latest winning numbers. If you don't have a web site, can they visit your facility to check a printed list of winning numbers? Or call their sales rep to see if their number won? Continuing the contest keeps your name in front of prospects after the show.

    So now we've used a bunch of buttons to build a list of good leads; generate interest in your booth; increase your visibility at the show; improve your name recognition; and keep your name in front of your prospects after the show. All that should lead to increased sales, shouldn't it? Which means your bunch of buttons will help you meet your trade show goals.

    Contact us before your next trade show and let's talk about using buttons to build your sales. Call Rob at 614-214-7261, or send E-mail to

    Several Notes:
    Some trade shows may not announce contest winners. If that's the case, how about getting a list of other companies exhibiting at the trade show? Find several exhibitors who are not competitors, but sell products or services your prospects would want. If you can arrange to have these other exhibitors post your contest results at their booths, they'll get increased traffic to their booths, and you'll get additional exposure by being represented at each of their booths. You should also be able to post your contest results on the show's message board.

    And if there are prospects you can contact before the trade show, how about giving those prospects advance notice of your contest, along with an invitation to visit your booth? Your pre-show promotion to these specific prospects can greatly improve your show results.

    We can help with your signage, pre-show promotion, prize selection, contest entry forms, and after-show follow-up. Give us a call!

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