Buttons and Magnets for Your Team or Sport

We all get passionate about our favorite teams and sports. I actually bought my first button making equipment so I could make end-of-the-season gifts for the girls on a soccer team I coached. On every team I've been involved with since, every kid (except mine) has been thrilled with the buttons I've distributed.

So whether you want a button or magnet to give to the players on your team or you want something for parents and fans, this is the place.

Actual size of all buttons is 2.25" diameter, and I can very easily put individual name and numbers on the buttons.

Parent Buttons

This kind of button is great for parents, grandparents, siblings, girlfriends and boyfriends to wear to the game. Because of the basketball jersey and the basketball, these particular buttons probably wouldn't fit in well at a soccer or football game. But don't worry - I make those buttons too.

Please Click Here to see larger picture pictures of the buttons

Fan Buttons

I made this button just after the Ohio State/Michigan football game on November 23, 2002. OSU's colors are scarlet & gray, so you can probably take a good guess at which tem's fans ordered these to give to their family, friends, co-workers and customers.


Every player in the soccer program got a large magnet like this as a memento of their high school season. Dare I say the magnet is a memento that will stick around for a long time?

This is one style of artwork for a football team. You have all kinds of options for football buttons. For instance, what if all the fans showed up for the big game wearing buttons that were in your colors, had your logo, and said "Beat South!" Pretty neat idea, eh? Unless, of course, you aren't playing South.

My daughter came in the house one day, all excited. She said that her friend Erika had made the school golf team. "Dad! You've GOT to make a magnet for her!" Excuse me? MY daughter asking me to make a button or magnet? She must have a fever or something. Anyone have a thermometer?

"Do you have any artwork for a volleyball magnet?" the lady asked. Well sure. Volleyball, basketball, racquetball, and all kinds of sports that don't have the word "ball" in their name. If you're looking for buttons or magnets for any sport, there's a good chance we've already got some appropriate artwork.

This is the magnet artwork for the St. Francis DeSales High School boys' soccer team. In 1997, both the boys' and girls' soccer teams won their respective state championships - a pretty impressive feat, eh? Some folks said that the kids who scored goals had pretty impressive feet.

We put The Worthington Twist's team logo on buttons for each of their players. We'd sure like to put your team logo on a button for you. Send us an Email, give us a call, or send us a fax!

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