Customized Creations designs, makes and sells buttons, decorative magnets and other neat stuff

Retail Advertising

When I sell a button or a magnet, my company name, phone number and web address are discretely placed on the item. When I give away a button or magnet as part of an advertising promotion, the information is prominently placed on the item (I haven't yet figured out how to make "Customized Creations" into an animated gif on a button...but I'm working on it).

If you're involved with retail sales (or wholesale sales for that matter), we can create a button or magnet which your customers would be willing to buy. Then we'd put your name, address and phone number on the item instead of mine. The end result? Your customers are paying you for the privilege of putting your company name on their refrigerator or coat.

Christian Bookstore Sample

Here's a reduced sized sample magnet which sells well at $1.00 each. Note that my name, phone number and web address are shown along the bottom edge of the magnet.

WWJD sample magnet

Automotive Repair Shop Sample

Oooops - I haven't converted this one to a gif yet. I'll do it soon. I promise. Imagine, though, that you take your car into Niday Automotive Service in Powell, Ohio for some routine service. While the car is there, the folks at Niday take a picture of it. I digitize the photo, crop the picture a bit, oh-so-tastefully add in Niday's name, address and phone number, and turn the photo into a customized magnet. For less than $10, Niday's customer gets a momento that will stick around a lot longer than the car.

Retail Discounts

Send a copy of your tax-exempt certificate or business license with your order, and if the product you order is for resale, you can take the next higher discount from our standard discount schedule.

When you start re-ordering on a regular basis, we can talk about increasing your discount to reflect your annual purchases.

If you're interested in reselling our products, please either E-mail me at or call me at 614-214-7261. Ask for Rob. Ummm...actually, I'm the only one who ever answers that phone number, so you don't even HAVE to ask - you'll get either me or our voicemail.

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