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Customized Buttons and Magnets

This page shows our customized "Praise the Lord" items. If you scroll on down towards the bottom of the page, you'll see where you can have us put your favorite verse on a button or a magnet. Most of the other items are customized by adding your name and/or church.

"The River is Here" is a customized item. We'll put both your name and your church's name on each button or magnet - unless of course you really want an item that has Jim Smith's name on it.

"The River is Here, Photo" is available in two versions. Both versions have a picture of your church in the background (you have to provide the picture - my wife doesn't let me travel around the country taking photographs). We'll scan your photograph, put the scanned image on your artwork and return your photo to you.

We can put just your church's name on this, or we can put both your name and your church's name here. With just your church's name, this is a "Stock" item. If we use your name, it's a "Customized" item. There's a small fee for scanning your photograph. See the "Types of Buttons and Magnets ," " Prices," and "How to Order " pages for more details.

The "Prayer Team Member" button or magnet includes both your name and your church's name. The phrase "Prayer Team Member" can be changed if you've got another name or group you'd like used.

Who You Gonna Call?

Let's say you have a youth group at your church, and you want to give the kids a button to wear. But who's going to design the button? (I'll give you a hint - there's a balding, older guy sitting in front of my computer who's jumping up and down, waving his hands in the air, and yelling "Me! Me! Me!") Want a "fer-instance?" Here's an email I recently received from a nice lady on AOL:

"Rob, I have been trying to work on these buttons. I think I will tell you what info I have and turn it over to you. The church name is Pebble Creek Assembly of God; the youth group's moto is ROCK; and my daughter says they print it something like this:

. .for

I hope you can work somthing up with this info."

Well, sure, I could work something from that info. Here's what the button looked like:

So if you're interested in a button or magnet, but need some help designing it, let me know.

Scripture on a Button or Magnet

Have a particular verse you'd like on a button or a magnet? We can do that for you. We put the verse on the same yellow background as our WWJD items, and include a white dove as part of the artwork. On the order form, just write "Custom Verse" and attach a sheet of paper that shows what you want printed.

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