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We'd love to help you keep your family on track with a customized magnetic-backed dry erase calendar or note board.


Calendar Grids

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You can help keep everyone on track with a monthly calendar, a weekly calendar, a note board with no grid, or a weekly calendar with a row for each member of your household.

Our standard calendars go from Sunday to to Saturday, but we also make calendars going from Monday to Sunday (at no additional charge).

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Military & Vet Discount

If you are active military personnel or a military veteran, thank you for your service. We extend a 10% discount to military personnel, their families, and military vets.


Calendar and Note Board Sizes

Select from three sizes:
  • Large (17" x 10.25")
  • Medium (15" x 10.25")
  • Small ( 11.5" x 9.5")

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Photo Specs

Just about any non-copyrighted image can be transformed into a dry-erase fridge calendar. Most of the photos we receive now are taken with a cell phone, but we can work with any standard graphic format.

Horizontal (landscape) images generally work best, but some of the nicest looking calendars we've made started as vertical (portrait) images.

Your image doesn't need to be anywhere near perfect - we'll enlarge, crop, and fade out your image to make a great looking calendar. Here are some examples, along with the original images so you can see the kind of calendars we make from cell phone snapshots:

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The dry erase finish on our products is a true dry-erase surface. It is more expensive than the laminated finish often found on dry erase calendars, note boards, and chore charts, but the improvement in performance and life is well worth the slight additional cost.

All of our products have a full-sized magnetic backing. They'll attach to any surfact that attracts a magnet and then stay in place no matter how hard that refrigerator door gets slammed.

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Made in USA

We're a small, family-run business. It is important to us that our products are made in the USA out of materials manufactured in the USA, and that most of the equipment we use to make our calendars, note boards, name badges, buttons, and stall cards was manufactured in the USA.

Made in USA with materials manufactured in the USA

When you purchase our products, you get a great product at a fair price, we get to continue paying our bills, and a bunch of different people around the country get to keep their jobs. It is a win-win-win situation.

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Dry Erase Board Care

With a bit of care, your dry erase calendar or note board should last a long time. While most customers replace their calendars every three or four years to have a more current background, some of our calendars get used for 10 or more years.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your calendar or note board:

• Your calendar is rolled up in a box for shipping, with the artwork facing out. If you ever roll the calendar up again, be sure to roll it the same way - with the artwork on the outside.

• Use a soft cloth or facial tissue to erase your calendar. Please do not use a paper towel - they embed small pieces of cardboard in paper towels and that cardboard may scratch the dry erase surface.

• Your calendar is water resistant, but not water proof. Please apply your calendar to a clean, dry surface. And if you're going to use any kind of liquid to wash that surface, please remove the calendar first and then wait until the surface is dry before replacing the calendar.

• Writing from the dry erase marker we provide can be left on your calendar for years and still be easy to erase. If you use another brand of dry erase marker, please first test it along an edge to be sure it will erase easily without leaving a ghost image. You can order additional markers from our web site.

• If someone writes on your calendar with a permanent marker or ink pen, there's a chance those markings can be wiped off with a facial tissue or soft cloth just like with a dry erase marker. Ink and permanent marker can often be removed by placing the calendar on a counter, applying some isopropyl alcohol, waiting 10 seconds, and then gently wiping with a facial tissue or clean, soft cloth. Stubborn markings may need to have that process repeated 5 or 6 times. You can purchase a bottle of isopropyl alcohol at your local drug store, but I now just squirt some alcohol-based hand sanitizer on the calendars instead.

• Please do not use any kind of commercial dry erase board cleaner or anything other than isopropyl alcohol (or hand sanitizer) to clean your calendar or note board.

• Dry erase markers should be stored horizontally in a cool place that is out of direct sunlight. In most cases, clipping them to the bottom of a calendar mounted on a refrigerator is a perfect place.



Large dry erase calendar
$19.95 each

Medium dry erase calendar
$17.95 each

Large dry erase calendar
$14.95 each


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