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 Stock & Customized Buttons

I've got a bunch of different button designs - many I created for specific individuals or companies, others I made to be "stock" buttons. Here are a few pictures of some buttons I've made, if you don't see one you like, let me know and I'll be happy to put together a custom design for you:


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Name Tag Buttons

Let me guess - every now and then someone in your group says "you know, we really should wear name tags." We think wearing buttons as name tags is a great idea, for several reasons:

  • Buttons identify you as part of the group;
  • New members and visitors can tell who's who;
  • Buttons look nicer than name tags;
  • Buttons are durable;
  • Buttons are fun.

You can use a button similar to one of those on this page, design your own button, or have us design a button for you. If you send us a copy of your logo, we can include it on your button.

When you order the buttons for use as name tags, use our standard order form and enclose a separate sheet of paper with the list of names. If you're generating the list of names on a computer, you cand send us the names via E-mail or as a text-only file on a disk. And, of course, we can design the name tag buttons so you can write names in with a permanent marker.

Rose style name tag button Call this a Rose style button

Want another reason to use name tags? Well, has this ever happened to you? You're out and about. You forget who you are. You suffer the embarrasment of having everyone watch as you pull out your driver's license to see who you are. If you wear one of our customized "name tag" buttons, you'll never suffer through this again! You can just casually look in the mirror any time someone asks you your name. My mom says it works for her, and it can work for you!

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