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If you don't see anything here that tickles your fancy, let us know. Somewhere around here we've got artwork for a button with a feather. Now THAT should tickle your fancy! (can't you just hear my kids groaning?)

Okay...I gotta admit it - this is one of my favorite buttons/magnets. I thought about putting "Allegro!" instead of the "Accelerando!"...but I figure that some of us could speed things up quite a bit and still not hit allegro.


Remember how it felt? There you all were - the choir, parents and other onlookers - crowded around the place where the scores get posted. You're talking, your friends are joking. Everyone is nervous. Then someone comes walking through the crowd, carrying a piece of paper and a marker. Suspense builds. Everyone gets quiet. You can hear the marker screech on the scoreboard. You crane your neck to see, and suddenly everyone is cheering, yelling and jumping up and down - you got a "1" at the State Competition - makes you the "best of the best."


Making these buttons and magnets isn't much treble at all (oh wait...didn't Scotty say something like that after he beamed that shipload of tribbles over to the Klingon ship?)

MUS 004

I've always wondered if there wasn't something fishy about a bass clef. And what about the guy who wasn't good enough to be first bass, second bass, or third bass - did he just go run home? Or was that a home run?


This gets a bit tricky - there are a bunch of "heart" buttons and magnets that deal with music. If you've already seen the "Love Makes the World Go 'Round" page, you've seen them. If you haven't seen them, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click on the link.

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