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Stuff that has nothing to do with the button business.
There are even links that show pictures of me and my family.

Unwanted House Guests

This happened at our home, and for some unknown reason, I've felt compelled to put it up here. I dunno why, since it appears the squirrels in the story are getting the best of me.

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What Do You Do With Lint?

Some people collect stamps. Some people collect old cars. Some people even collect money. Not me - I don't collect any of those things. I collect something useful - LINT! Take a look and see!

WYHS Alumni Ram Band

The Whitehall Yearling High School Ram Band is hoping to have over 200 almuni band members come back to Whitehall, Ohio and march in next year's homecoming paradeIf you know someone who played an instrument in Whitehall, please have them contact Jeff Harriman, the band director at Whitehall Yearling High School. Follow this link for a few pics and some info on the WYHS Alumni Band.

Animated GIF Commercial

Our local library has a fair number of terminals connected to the internet. I used to make it a point to pull up my home page on one or two of the terminals whenever I was there...but no one seemed to pay too much attention to the page. Soooooo... I made this animated gif commercial. I don't know if other library patrons notice it, but the librarians sure do - they usually walk over and change the display to the library's home page. So much for free enterprise, eh?

My Sister's Wedding

"Rob," she asked, "would you take some pictures of our wedding?" So I did. Something like six or seven rolls of film. This link takes you to some pictures from my sister's wedding and reception. In addition to pictures of Carol and her husband Bert, you'll see pictures of me and my family, along with pictures of a bunch of other folks.

My younger son, Brian, sent me some Email asking why I didn't have a link to my older son's web site. So here's the link to Chris's site:

http:/ /

- My Banner Ads

Okay, I can understand you wanting to look at buttons and magnets. But why would anyone want to look at the banner ads I've created for my web site? I dunno - but just in case you want to look at them (or copy one and put it on your web site so people can come here and buy buttons, pins and magnets from me), here's a link to a page with my banner ads.

This is a link to info about the "Basic Hydraulics" class I teach

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