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 I think you'll find these magnets to be pretty attractive. I know that my friend Tom, who has a steel pin in one leg, finds them so. I sometimes wonder though - if Tom had a steel pin in his other leg too, would he find these magnets twice as attractive?

The following are samples of some magnets we've made. As always, if you don't see what you're looking for, let us know. We can design a magnet or button to meet your needs.

Soccer Team Magnet

Item #SOC01
Looking for a gift for each of the players on your soccer team? If you think spending $12,000 for a production company to make a fifteen minute video of your season is a bit too much, you might consider these team magnets as an alternative. Click here for a full-sized picture.

 Tasteless Postal Worker Button

Item #POST01
Ummm...I've got some doubts about including this particular magnet on the web site. On the one hand, it's pretty tasteless and some may find it offensive. On the other hand, my friend Rennie (a postal worker who gave me the idea) thinks it's awfully doggone funny. Click here to see the full-sized magnet.

 USA Magnet

Item #Flag06

 We have a separate page for "USA" artwork. You can follow this link to our "Patriotic" artwork. We've also got a larger version of this "USA" magnet on a page by itself.

Before I designed this artwork, I used to wear an "I'm a Wee Bit Backwards" button. But this USA button looks so great when you see it in person, that I've given away my backwards button and started wearing a USA button. I'm probably still a wee bit backwards, but my kids don't roll their eyes and say "Oh Dad!" when I put on the "USA" button.

 Anniversary Magnet

 "Rob," she wrote, "our square dancing club is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Could you make a small magnet with drawing of a sailboat and the words 'Scanadaga Swingers 20th Anniversary'?"

The thumbnail at the left shows what the sailboat looked like. Follow this link to see the final version of the 2" diameter magnet.

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Some Notes:

All the images on our web site have a resolution of only 72 dots per inch. When we make your buttons and magnets, we'll use a 288 dot per inch printer, so the actual artwork will look much better than what you see on your screen.

Any time you put a name on a button or magnet, there's a chance the name will be spelled wrong. If you get an item that isn't right, we'll fix it. Oh...okay - we won't fix it, we'll make up a brand new one to replace it. Most people don't like having white-out all over their buttons and magnets.

Our magnets are water resistant, not water proof. Please use them indoors and keep them out of aquariums.



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