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I know, some people think there are more important things in life than buttons. My kids felt that way as they were growing up - and had no qualms about telling me so ("Oh're NOT going to pass out buttons to the soccer team again, are you?").

Buttons were the original focus of our business. And then I figured out how to make refrigerator magnets. My kids swear I started making refrigerator magnets just so I'd have something else to embarrass them with ("Oh Daaaaad... you're NOT going to pass out magnets to the soccer team again, are you?").

We make square and rectangular magnets in just about any size. We make round magnets in three sizes, which are described below. Our most popular (and most economical) size magnet is 2.25" x 3.25"

Please keep in mind that our magnets are moisture resistant and not water-proof - they're designed for indoor use. We can make magnets for outdoor use. Please contact us for details.

Memento Magnets

wedding memento magnet, save the date magnetOne of the really neat things about making Memento Magnets is that I get to work with folks as they're preparing for important moments in their lives. We've done memento magnets for wedding receptions, anniversaries, baby showers, family reunions, class reunions, and even an "In Memorium" magnet for a funeral.

The most popular magnet we do is a Wedding Memento Magnet, which is often used as a "Save-The-Date" magnet. The "Cassie & Jim" magnet is a 3.25" tall x 2.25" wide "Save-The-Date" magnet.

Many couples will set the date well in advance of their wedding. While it is too early to send out wedding invitations, they want to make sure their friends and family "save the date." So they send out Wedding Memento Magnets with a note that says "we're getting married, invitation to follow, save the date!"

The Wedding Memento Magnets also make great table favors at a reception, and we do them for both weddings and anniversaries.

Ordering them is real easy. Just send us the picture you want us to use along with the names and date that should go on the magnet. We'll crop your photo and make it look like the oval picture in the sample "Cassie & Jim" magnet (that picture was originally a standard 4" x 6" photo with all kinds of stuff in the background).

3.25" x 2.25" Memento Magnets have a list price of $1.00, plus shipping and any applicable taxes. Quantity discounts start at 10 pieces, and there is normally an $8.00 set-up fee.

We can do very quick turnaround on the magnets, and you can send you picture to us electronically in any of the standard graphic formats. We cannot use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or GIF graphics.

Send us an E-mail ( or call Rob Fish at 614-214-7261 for more details or a quote.

Other Occasions

The memento magnets we do for other occasions are very much like the Wedding Memento Magnets. We can do the artwork for you and offer quick turnaround. We've noticed, however, that most folks getting mementos for reunions will order either customized magnetic-backed dry erase boards or name tags.

Regardless of the type of memento you select for your event, we'd love to talk with you about it and help make your event even more special. Please send us an E-mail ( or call Rob Fish at 614-214-7261.


Round Magnets

Follow this link for some other sample artwork.



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