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My Lint Collection



Go ahead - call me an early adopter. While other folks may collect old standbys like stamps or cars or baseball cards or coins, I'm on the cutting edge of what will soon be the newest trend to sweep around the world - collecting lint!

Why collect lint, you may ask? Well, that's pretty easy to answer. It is inexpensive to collect, it is easy to find, and, most importantly, you can get a LOT of benefits from your lint collection. What kinds of benefits? Well here are just a few:



I'm sitting on the couch, watching a game, and my wife says, "Rob, would you please take the dog for a walk?

lint collection visiting the dog
  Well, gee- I'd like to, but if the dog gets up and moves around, she'll disturb my lint collection. Maybe tomorrow.  


I'm taking a nap, and all of a sudden, I hear, "Rob, would you cook us a pizza for dinner?"

Lint pizza....yeeech!
  Pizza? What a great idea! But wait - I can't cook pizza, there's lint in the way. What's the number for pizza hut?  


Ahhhh...what a beautiful sunset off our deck. And then I hear, "Rob, would you please dust in the family room?"


lint as a decorative fashion accessory in the home
  Dust the family room? You're kidding, right? After I spent so much time deciding how to best display my lint collection on the various pieces of furniture?  


It is morning. I'm just waking up over a Krispy Kreme donut and a 32 ounce Pepsi, when I hear, "Rob, could you do the laundry this morning?"


lint is dryclean only
  You know, even though I am on the cutting edge of this lint collecting movement, you'd think everyone would realize that lint is dry clean only. No way am I going to risk doing laundry around any part of my lint collection!.  


"There are dog hairs all over the family room - would you run the vacuum real quick?"


Lint and vacuums do NOT get along
  The vacuum? No! No! No! No! The home insurance will NOT cover any damage done to my lint collection by the vacuum. Sorry - no way Jose. I can't run the risk. We can vacuum next week. Maybe.  


"Quick, Rob - bring me the phone. The home shopping network is having a GREAT sale on that matched luggage I want!"

No food, no phone, no phonograph - not a single luxury.
  I'm sorry, Paula - but I just CAN'T pick up the phone or the handset. I am really, really, really sorry. Maybe they'll have the luggage on sale again next year.  


"Rob, mother will be here in an hour."

Lint blocking the door.  YEAH!!!
  Your mother is coming? Oh gosh, it's too bad there's lint in the way and she won't be able to get in the house.  


"Rob, would PLEASE get off that couch?"

CAUTION: Let sleeping lint lay!
  Well, gee- I'd like to, but, you know, my lint collection. I just couldn't run the risk of messing it up.  

  As you can see, collecting lint as a hobby can be fun and rewarding for almost anyone. But it isn't always a bed of roses, you know? Oh wait - maybe that analogy is accurate. Roses have thorns, don't they?  

The Thorn in My Lint Collection

Lint doesn't go well in bed

Rob, you're going to have to sleep on the couch tonight.


About Our Web Site

I've teased my wife Paula a fair amount since we got married back in 1974. And no - she doesn't nag me at all. Well, hardly at all <G>. Paula has multiple sclerosis, and it has progressed to the point where she can't be left alone for more than a few hours at a time. She tries very hard and has a great attitude, but the disease has severely affected her physically, mentally and emotionally. So we've decided to try to build a full-time home business so I can work from the house and be here to take care of her.

This page and several other parts of our web site are nothing but fun and silliness. Most of the site, however, is devoted to our business. If you have a few minutes, please take a look at the rest of our site. You'll find information on magnetic dry erase boards, magnets, buttons, web site design and a basic hydraulics course. You'll also find several other pages which have nothing to do with our business (my running battle with some neighborhood squirrels is worth two or three times it's weight in lint!).

And whether you visit the rest of our site or not, please pass this page's address to anyone you think might be interested in starting a lint collection!


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