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Customized Dry Erase Name Badges, Name Tags, Dry Erase Refrigerator Calendars, Buttons, Dry Erase Stall Cards, Dry Erase Boards, Share a Smile, and other neat stuff.

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Christmas Buttons on Sale Now!

Jesus is the Reason for the Season button    Santas Nice List button    Jesus is the Reason for the Season name badge    Santas Naughtly List name badge

Christmas Name Badges and Buttons: Please Click Here for more info or to order

Get organized in style with a large, magnetic backed, dry erase refrigerator calendar.
  Use your favorite photo as the background image, or select one of our stock background images.
  Monthly calendar grids, weekly calendar grids, and custom grids.


Custom dry erase fridge calendar Sample Dry Erase Calendars  

Video of Calendar in Action
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Some Calendar Ideas:

Standard sizes are 15" wide or 17" wide.
Custom sizes up to 17" x 10".

Dogs Calendars, Cats Calendars, Pets Calendars

Dogs Calendars, CatsCalendars, Pets Calendars
Use a Photo of Your Pet for the Background
We still smile every time we look at this photo of
Tessa helping herself to the birthday cake.
Do you have a cute photo of a pet?

All calendars are available with "standard" (Sunday to Monday) and "European" (Monday to Sunday) calendar grids. You can order monthly, weekly, and weekly with name rows formats. Magnetic-backed dry-erase boards are available without a calendar grid.

- We provide a fine point black dry erase marker and plastic marker clip with each calendar.

- The full sized magnetic back holds the calendar in place (no matter how hard that teenager slams the fridge door). The calendars are like a huge refrigerator magnet you can write on.

- Available with your choice of a plain white background, one of our decorative backgrounds, one of our photo backgrounds, any image from ClipArt.com in the background, or your photo in the background.

- We support our troops. Active military personnel and military veterans receive a 10% discount on our dry erase photo calendars.

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Neat Stuff

I'm probably a bit biased, but I think most of the stuff you'll find on this web site is pretty neat. This stuff, though, is both neat and unique.

Ever write something on a dry erase board and then realize the marker you used wasn't a dry erase marker? With this stuff, that wouldn't be a problem - the marks from most writing utensils can be easily erased with just a soft facial tissue.

The "Neat Stuff" boards all have a full-sized magnetic backing, so you can put them on your refrigerator or other metallic surface. If you're going to use one at your desk, we can add a chipboard back to give the board a bit more rigidity (with the chipboard back added, the magnetic field isn't strong enough to hold the board to a refrigerator. If you'd like both the chipboard and a strong magnetic field, we can add another layer of magnetic material).

Here's a video of a small piece of "Neat Stuff" in action:

I haven't added these to our online ordering system yet, so to for pricing and ordering information, please contact us.

Dry Erase Markers

Many companies who sell dry erase markers have a large minimum order. I've got a minimum order too - it is one set. If you're looking for dry erase markers, my mortgage company would be ecstatic if you ordered them from me. Please Click Here for details.

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