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Romantic Items

Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, why not wear it on one of these? Or if there's something else you'd like to say, let us know and we'll see about putting it on a button or magnet.

Item #ROM01
Don't you just hate it when someone else pays for your heart transplant?
On the order form, just tell us what you want superimposed over the heart artwork.

Item #ROM02

Okay, so maybe you don't love Brian. Don't worry - we'll use your sweetheart's name in the artwork instead of Brian's (just don't tell Brian, okay?). Oh...we can put two names on it, as in "Lila Loves Linc" (oh, okay. If you insist, we'll even do "I Love Jim and Mark")
On your order form, use <heart> to indicate the drawing of a heart, as in "I <heart> Brian"

Item #ROM03

Don't we all? Love music, that is. Of course, you might love Choir or Band or Orchestra or Choral or Jazz or Country or Blues or Singing or whatever. Follow this link to a list of our "Stock" music items. If you want something that's not on our list of "Stock" music items, then it's a "Customized item, and you need to specify what you want.

Item #ROM04

What? You don't love soccer? Maybe you love baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse or some other sport. As we get orders or artwork completed, we'll add other sports to our list of stock items. This is a "Stock" item.

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