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If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, doesn't it make sense to give the people who operate, adjust or maintain your machinery a basic understanding of the hydraulic systems on your equipment? Especially since the proper adjustment and maintenance of your hydraulic systems can reduce your downtime. And how much does your downtime cost an hour?

The Customized Basic Hydraulics course provides an overview of hydraulics and an understanding of how the most common hydraulic components operate - and the course is built around the hydraulic schematic of your equipment. In addition to teaching your personnel about basic hydraulics, the course offers them an understanding of all the schematic symbols on your drawing and answers questions they have about your system.

During the course, we discuss the #1 cause of hydraulic system failures and present several simple techniques to keep your hydraulic system operating properly. We use your hydraulic schematic as the starting point for an introduction to hydraulic schematic symbols.

Who Should Attend?

Maintenance Personnel

Equipment Operators

Purchasing Personnel

Plant Supervisors

Anyone involved with the adjustment, maintenance, specification or operation of hydraulic systems.

How Basic is Basic?

Here's a short quiz to help you decide if this course is for you. If you're unsure of the answers to these questions, this course is for you.

What's the #1 cause of hydraulic system failures?

What can you do to avoid failures caused by this #1 cause of failures?

On a system that is operating and producing, how much can you increase production rates if you raise the system relief valve setting by 50%?

What kind of damage do you do to a typical hydraulic system when you stall a hydraulic motor?

Is it okay to put motor oil in your hydraulic system?

What four tools do you need to troubleshoot most basic hydraulic problems?

What procedure do you follow to set the compensator on a pressure compensated pump when there's a relief valve in the system?

What is cavitation?

What are three common causes of pump failure?

What Does It Cost?

The price of the course varies - depending on the complexity of your hydraulic schematic, how may people are in the class, and where the class is held. If your circuit is of moderate complexity, you have 10 people attending the class, and the class is conducted at your facility, an average cost would be around $2,850 plus travel, meals and lodging for the instructor.

At one course we conducted, the customer's maintenance personnel mentioned they were scrapping and replacing a $1,800 servovalve every 2 to 4 months. Because of this one problem, they were losing over 8 hours a year to unscheduled downtime and spending over $7,000 on servovalves. Using the information from their Customized Basic Hydraulics course, the maintenance department made a $600 change to their system which allowed them to go over 3 years before replacing another servovalve. This company, like many others, had their investment in their Customized Basic Hydraulic course repaid within a year.

Miscellaneous Course Info

The Customized Basic Hydraulic Course is typically a one day event, held either at the your facility or a nearby meeting room. There is no additional charge for holding the course on a weekend, and we can split the course into two smaller segments. We normally schedule the course time around the customer's production schedule, typically conducting the course from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM on a Saturday.

The Next Step

If you're ready to reduce your downtime, cut your operating costs, and have your personnel do a better job of operating and maintaining your hydraulic systems, give Rob Fish a call at 614-214-7261. We'll be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a detailed quote for your course.

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