Customized Creations for basic hydraulic classes, web design, magnetic dry erase boards, name tags, buttons and refrigerator magnets


Our Highly Trained Staff



Wait a minute - that's not a highly trained staff, that's the Fish family.
Paula is sitting down in front. Standing, left to right are
Chris, Sarah, me and Brian.

Some More Pics



 That's my baby and her baby

November, 1998


 The Boss

November, 1998


 The Kids

September, 1998


 Crystal is 14 years old, Kira is 9 weeks old.

November, 1998


 Cute Puppy, eh?

November, 1998


 You think she thinks she's cute?

November, 1998

If you want to read a bit more information about me (though I don't know why), there's a page of info at About Rob.


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