Order Form

Order Form

Order Form

For Dry-Erase, Magnetic-Backed:

  • • Streak Building Boards
  • • Calendars
  • • Note Boards

We Support Our Troops

10% Discount for:

  • • Military Veterans
  • • Active Military Personnel
  • • Their Immediate Family

How to Order

How to Order

How to Order

Ordering is as easy as counting from 1 to 7. Just:

  • 1) Scroll down, pick a grid, & then click the "CONTINUE" button;
  • 2) Enter discount info
  • 3) Select size
  • 4) Specify background image
  • 5) Enter any captions
  • 6) Review order & add to cart
  • 7) Send us any background image photos

Step 1: Pick a Grid

Streak Building Board Streak Building Board Streak Building Board

 Streak Building


Monthly Dry Erase Calendar Weekly Dry Erase Calendar





Dry Erase No Grid Weekly Calendar with Name Rows

 Note Board (No Grid)


 Weekly with Name Rows


Calendars & Streak Building boards can start on either Sunday or Monday

If you are ordering a calendar or Streak Building board, on which day should it start?
 Sun     Mon      No Days

If you selected a weekly calendar with name rows, how many name rows would you like?

1    2    3    4
5    6    7    8
(Captions for the name rows are entered in step 5)

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