The Streak Builder Improves "Don't Break the Chain"

Improved Don't Break the Chain Dry Erase Boards

Don't Break the Chain Dry Erase Boards

Whether you want help getting motivated to step on the bathroom scale every morning, exercise regularly, or eat healthy, you've probably seen the "Don't Break the Chain" system, where you pick one thing to focus on, get a calendar, and then put a bix "X" on each day you do that thing.

Annual Don't Break the Chain Calendar Annual Don't Break the Chain Calendar Annual Don't Break the Chain Calendar

If you're anything like me, having a place where you can easily track tasks and goals IS a great motivational tool -things are more likely to get done if there's a written plan.

But the "Don't Break the Chain" system has a few problems:

  • • The one-page annual calendar easily builds a chain for only 1 thing.
  • • Its difficult to visualize a chain for something that isn't done every day.
  • • A goal of "don't break the chain" is totally unrealistic. Sooner or later, every chain is going to get broken - even if the chain being made is just "breath every day."

With those problems in mind, imagine for a moment that you'd like some help getting motivated to do aerobic exercise three days each week, and you make a small chart that looks something like this:

Dont Break Chain 01

Then, after your aerobic exercise on Monday, you color over the "M" on the right side of the chart. And after exercising on Wednesday and Friday, you color in those days, too. Odds are, you'll get a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment each time you color in one of those boxes.

Dont Break Chain 02

And at the end of the week, when the boxes on the right have the same pattern as the schedule on the left, you've got a "streak" of one week - something to celebrate!

Dont Break Chain 03

If you know in advance that you won't be able to exercise on Monday of the following week, the chart allows you to just change your schedule to show aerobic exercise on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. You'll get those feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment as you fill in the "T," "T," and "F" boxes, and then get an extra feeling of accomplishment when you change your Current Streak of "1 weeks" into a streak of "2 weeks."

Dont Break Chain 06

You'll get those feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment every day (and every week) you build your streak. 2 weeks turns into 3. 3 weeks turns into 4, and before you know it, you've got a streak of 20 or more weeks.

But, sooner or later, something will come up, and you won't be able to exercise three times in a week. You'll break your streak, and have to start all over again.

Dont Break Chain 07

You've just built a streak of 21 weeks and 1 day - a pretty decent accomplishment. So lets change your chart a bit and record the length of your last streak, which will remind you each day that you CAN build a streak that long, and which will also allow you to set a very realistic goal of meeting (and then beating) your last streak.

Dont Break Chain 09

Each day you add to your streak allows you to feel that sense of satisifaction and accomplishment as you color in the box for that day, or add another week to the length of your current streak. 1 week turns into 2. 2 weeks turn into 3, and before you know it, you have a streak of 16 or more weeks. But stuff happens. It is quite possible that your new streak will break before it gets as long as your previous one. All of a sudden, the "21 weeks and 1 days" of your last streak is going to turn into "16 weeks and 2 days."

Dont Break Chain 11

That 16 weeks and 2 days is a realistic goal. After all, not only did you just have a 16 week-long streak, but you've had streaks as long as 21 weeks and 1 day. And if you know you've had a 21 week long streak, then a 16 week long streak is going to seem like a pretty easy streak to build. So, lets change the chart again - adding a place to record your longest streak.

Dont Break Chain 12

Kind of like the "Don't Break the Chain" system on steroids, isn't it?

Especially when the chart:

  • • has room for multiple items;
  • • is dry erase;
  • • has a full-sized magnetic backing so it would attach to a fridge or other metal surface;
  • • can be customized with a personalized caption;
  • • can have a nice background image.

As you've probably guessed, that exactly describes our "Don't Break the Chain" Streak Builder boards.

They're available in 3 sizes (17" x 10.25" for $19.95; 15" x 10.25" for $17.95; and 11.5" x 9.5" for $14.95); and they can help you go from just wishing you were taking steps to meet your goals to actually building a streak of steps taken towards your goal.

Here's a photo of my customized "Don't Break the Chain" board, showing both my personalized caption and my customized background image:

Don't Break the Chain Dry Erase Board Don't Break the Chain Dry Erase Board Don't Break the Chain Dry Erase Board

Just FYI, the customized background image on this board is a photo of a streaker running through the surf on a beach (while our standard "Don't Break the Chain" board has a plain white background, and we'll happily customize your board with any non-copyrighted image you'd like, I thought an image with a streaker was appropriate for a board with a personalized caption of "Rob's Streak Builder"). And yes, each board comes with dry erase marker and a marker-holding clip like the ones in this photo.

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Don't Break the Chain Dry Erase Board Don't Break the Chain Dry Erase Board

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